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      3rd Amtracs CO--Col. Chace      

I phoned Col. Chace at his home in Florida a couple of years ago.   We talked for about 30 minutes during which time I enjoyed his sense of humor that left me in stitches and his quick memory about certain events in Vietnam.   When I referred to him as Col. Chace he quickly said, "Call me Stub."   I thought about his request.   I even tried it out on myself, silently saying, "Remember Stub when..." but I immediately realized that there was no way that I would have been able to address this man as anything but Col. Chace!   He was my Commanding Officer in Vietnam and even though this conversation was happening 30 plus years after I'd been discharged from the USMC, I found that this man and officer continued to warrant that irrevocable status as SIR!

I doubt that Col. Chace was even aware of the respect that he still commanded but we continued our conversation and I found myself asking him if he remembered commanding a brief operation.   We had moved a leper colony to a safer location.   It was basically a relatively routine procedure.    We took a handful of sniper rounds when we picked up the lepers but other than that it went smoothly.   We successfully moved their colony to a new home but what remained in my memory over the years was that Col. Chace, CO of "B" Co. and then XCO of 3rd Amtrac Bn. went out on these operations with his men.    A lot of us enlisted men in "B" Company thought this was one KICK ASS Marine.

I've been on the Colonel's email list now for a couple of years.   He has shown his ongoing care for the people he writes.   Col. Chace has also revealed a personal side of himself in these emails that many would never consider showing.   His sense of humor is heart warming and I'm one Marine that feels very special not only to receive email from Col. Chace but to have followed him into battle while a radio operator with 3rd Amtrac Bn.

Did I ask Col. Chace's permission to put this here on this website?   HELL NO I didn't!    I wanted my feelings and I'm sure many other Marine's feelings who served under Col. Chace placed on the Internet.   I'm fairly certain that if I asked him if he would mind if I put up a page like this, it would probably have embarassed him and I would have had to abide by his wishes when he asked me to remove it.

It's heart breaking to see "OUR" list of Amtracer's Online lose beloved Marines.   I really needed to put this page up while Col. Chace is healthy, alive and with us.   Any other Marines feel the same way about Col. Chace simply email me and I'll be very happy to place your comments right here.

Roy Stanford

I'm not a Marine, but I grew up with Col. Chace.   His father was principal of our high school and we were in the same class.   He's a great guy.   We e-mail each other and sometimes he sends his Marine message to me too.   He's a true hero.   My grandson is at the Air Force Academy and I pray he turns into the kind of officer Frank was.

Thank you for appreciating him.

Marilyn Fowlie
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