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               AT THE WALL:   D. GUENTHER               

Col. Chace,

Good to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to touch base and give you a report on how well our "mini-reunion" went in D.C. during Veteran's Day.

John Mcgowan, Steve Mawhirter, Jim Meehan, and Fred Anderson from my old HQ platoon and I met for three days.

We were joined by Bob Such who was with me on Hill 10 supporting 3/7 with First Platoon, Alpha Company, in 1969.

I have not seen these men for 33 years.

The first day, when we went to "The Wall" the five of us met other Marines who we knew while "in country."

That was Nov 10, the Marine Corps birthday.

We had quite a party that night as we all stayed at the same place, the Holiday Inn Hotel on 550 C Street.

On Veteran's Day it poured rained but we all were able to march the distance the "the Wall" and participate in the ceremonies.

We again found others that we had not seen in years.

Over 22,000 veterans attended the weekend "20th Anniversary of the Wall."

All of us remembered you as the best Battalion CO we had during our tours in the Marine Corps.

We talked a lot about Marble Mountain and the various fire fights.

Steve Mawhirter became a DI, and happened to run into several folks over the years.

We were trying to remember the name of your jeep driver from New Bedford. He was Portugese, I believe. Do you recall his name?

Also, Fred Anderson's neice is going to set up a website call Marble Mt Org where we plan to post pictures and recollections, etc. I wanted you to know about the site as well as how fondly you were remembered by your men.

Semper Fi,
Dan Guenther, former Captain, USMC

To Dan G.

Thanks for your interesting e-mail about your mini reunion in Wash.DC and your trips to the Wall. There is nothing better than getting together after 33 years after you last your friends at the Marble Mountains in RVN. I appreciate your thinking of me and the kind words expressed.

I am all for these web sites about Amtracers and Vietnam. Although it was almost 35 years ago, it was just like yesterday when I think about being most differcult adjustment is remembering Marines as they looked at the age of 18 or there I face men in their 50's... all of whom are respectable business men, judges and a host of other professional occupations...As often as I visited the Wall having lived near Quantico so long....I never wanted to meet one of mine in tattered clothes and wearing medals of two or more services....and homeless at the Wall. I realize that in most cases.... these broken service men were often the results of the Vietnam experience. leading to drugs and alcohol but many were simple losers. The pride we have as Marines and those Corps values instilled within us at boot camp and basic school.... not only made us the world's best fighting unit..but turned us into responsible citizens.Those of who had the opportunity to lead others .....from Corporal on up...all share in that comraderie. I envy the fact that the five of you had a chance to share that "special somethings" which never leaves us...and only grows stronger as years pass...

Again thaks for e-mail...I would like to share it with others

Stay in touch....God Bless and Semper Fi
Stub Chace

Col Chace,
I thought I would send along a photo that you might find interesting and perhaps worth posting on your site.

The photo is of a wild boar that was shot off Hill 10 in the Sherwood Forest area by Tex of 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 3rdLVT in May, 1968, at the close of Operation Oklahoma Hills.

Tex is on the left and I am on the right holding the boar's head.

Needless to say, members of the platoon cooked the wild boar and ate it.

Semper Fi,
Dan Guenther