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Cindy, graduated from Radford College on a Basketball Scholarship   She went to work for UPS packing trucks by zip code boxs..drove trucks and became supervisor.

She did several executive jobs in sales and public relations.

Cindy currently lives in Fort Lauderdale and is working for a subsidiary of UPS on International Sales and her 16th year.

She was awarded Marine Corps commendation By Commandant Al Gray for saving a Marines life..also American Red Cross.

Stephen graduated from Virginia Military Institute on Naval ROTC Scholarship.   He graduated with Honors.

He went into the Marine Corps in my field of Amphibious Vehicles.   He then took a sabbatical and went to University of Richmond to get his lawyers degree.

Retired from Marine Corps as Major on 20 years.   At that time he was assigned to the Navy Court Of Appeals in Washington.   Won several cases for Mavy/Marine personnel in Military Court Of Appeals and in the Supreme Court.

Lives in Dumfries with his 3 Children and works as a lawyer involved with fraud cases for an insurance corporation.   Also on the church vestry.

Kimberly, went to Mary Washington and was Head cheerleader in High School.   She wrote her own newspaper column for the school and had her own radio program.

Kimberely married a Marine for 20 years and was divorced with two Children.   Alyson who is going into her senior year at Texas Tech and Stephanie who lives in Dallas.

Kimberly is a professional swimming instructor: teaches Masters Swimming, water babies, and specializes in training swimmers preparing for Marathon races.

She recently married a Northern Virginia Fireman, who after the Pentagon incident decided to retire.   They live Key West.

Christopher graduated from Florida State.   He was in the Marine Corps for 4 years and because of bad knees, switched over to Navy.   He grauated with Honors from OCS Newport and picked up Destroyer Radford in Italy: Engineeing Department.   He worked as gunfire, mine warfare and training office at Camp Pendleton, Virginia Beach.

He was assigned to USS Lawrence (destroyer) for trip around South America and Good Will tour...worked in engineering and operations.

He went to Post Graduate School for Master's Degree in Political Science at Monterey Calif.   Switches field to Amphibians and is First Lt on USS Nasau.   Tour of duty as Acquisition Officer on new LSD in Norfolk.

He was Assigned to Coastal Laboratory, Panama City, Florida as Executive Officer (rank Commander) - To USS Gunston Hall as Executive Officer.. Assigned as Commanding Officer USS Ponce.. (Bronze Star for Kosovo) Promoted to Captain, becomes Executive Officer on LHA USS Iwo Jima.   Currently serving as Chief of Staff/Operations Officer for a Naval Amphibious Group in Norfolk.   He just returned home from 30 day Chief of Staff billet on British Air Craft Carrier and has been selected to be Commanding Officer Amphibious Squadron 6.. next assignment.

All credit to my wife Joy...During our first 24 years of marriage I was gone more than 61/2 years. She did not run home but stuck it out where we lived. Was Mother of the year in Palm Beach County in 1968 while I was in Vietnam..The rest of the time, she the Mother of Every Day...perfectly named as "JOY."....aka Sergeant Major.