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 Vietnam Veteran Homepages 

If you would like your website listed on this page just drop me an email with the URL and I'll drop by your site and provide a description, unless of course, you have a description you rather I would use.

Sites O-Z.

  • OLIVER JACKSON'S USMC HOMEPAGE - This page is dedicated to the 3rd Bn.; 1st Marines. Plenty of good links and an excellent one on Agent Orange.

  • 155th ASSAULT HELICOPTER COMPANY HOME PAGE - This site has some great grahpics and Earl updates his site regularly. He has put some of his favorite links on his page and this award winning site has some really good pictures and his Unit History, other Units are displayed with honor.

  • POW/MIA FORUM HOMEPAGE - Ted Guy was an Air Force Fighter Jock who had flown over 200 missions, serving in both Korea and Vietnam. On March 22, 1968, while attacking an automatic weapons position over-looking Route 9 in Southern Laos near Tche-pone, Ted's F-4C sustained heavy damage and he went down. Besides a moving account of Col Ted Guy, this excellent site contains POW/MIA documentation, invaluable information and questions that cannot go without answering.

  • RANGER MOM'S WEBSITE - This website is in the beginning stages, however, while visiting there I couldn't help but to feel the deep sincerity that was being put into this site. I look forward to returning as I can see it will be a fast moving and growing place; the webmaster has written a book entitled: "REMEMBER ME The Soldiers of the Clouds" which was about 12 men who never made it home. Ranger Mom plans on going far beyond these 12 brave men and welcomes all to her site.

  • REFLECTIONS OF VIETNAM - This website has some excellent graphics, poems, stories, chatroom and is maintained by "our" friend Lois Adams. She's done a fantastic job on this website.

  • REMEMBRANCE of Khe Sanh - This site has a lot of stories and photos of the Khe Sanh Combat Base and surrounding areas by Khe Sanh Veteran, Jim Wodecki, USMC, and Pilot "Rusty" Wings. If you're looking to find some info about Khe Sanh this is definitely the site you want to visit; it's absolutely thorough in its writings. Excellent site.

  • ROAD TO CON THIEN - This website has a fantastic map of Northern I Corps which brought back plenty of memories for me. Also some excellent pics on this site and the song "The Hill of Angels" written by the men who drove in support of those Marines at Con Thien is most inspirational.

  • SGT FATS' LINKS - John's award winning page, a site I was honored to present an award too is very informative and written with an intense personal touch. While at this site you will find information on Vietnam Veterans, Internet Links, advice, music, humor, Awards, free Graphics, PTSD Info. John was with 2/47th Ninth Infantry Division. Also photos here, and John updates frequently.

  • SGT GRIT'S MARINE CORPS BULLETIN BOARD - Even though this isn't exclusively for Vietnam Vets, it's such a good page for MARINES that I thought I'd link it. Marine Stories here, Chat, and a good way to find some old friends from the USMC.

  • SGT HUEYS PLACE - This website has some very interesting pictures of Gary's Vietnam tour as a Crew Chief. This site is dedicated to the men of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company, those who made it back and those who gave everything.

  • SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS - This award winning site has some good links but the primary purpose of our site is to let you know about the 400,000+ Viet Nam veterans that are incarcerated.

  • STEVE BRAMHAM'S CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS - Steve Bramham is the Vice President of the VVA National and his excellent website has links to online meetings, surveys i.e. the reaction of Jane Fonda's "apology" on the Barbara Walters show. Plenty to do on this fast loading site.

  • SUPPORT THE VIETNAM VETERAN STAMP - Support of the Proposed Vietnam Veteran Stamp by joining their campaign, operation Paul Revere. "Our mission, a proposed stamp, conceived and designed by John Crane, Kenneth J. Mabe, and Jeffrey R. White, for the continuation of the Veteran stamp series originally issued in 1985. The purpose of the stamp is to honor the approximate 3.0 million Veterans that actively served in the Southeast Asia Theater of Operations as well as the over 6.0 million other men and women that served in the Vietnam Era world wide."

  • THE CROW'S NEST - This website is dedicated to all the men and women who serve our country proudly. Who went when called without asking WHY. This site has links on Agent Orange, POW/MIA tributes, links to other Vet sites, a host of other links and all in all a site well worth visiting.

  • THE FALL OF SAIGON - The purpose of this site is a means of communication between the Embassy Marines of the Fall of Saigon 29-30 April 1975. It is also our intent to locate these Marines. This is an unofficial site and is not endorsed in any way by the Marine Corps or the United States Government. In fact we consider this site to be an online memorial to our fallen warriors. Also other links here and I found this an excellent site.

  • THE FEW - I owe such a deep gratitude to this Marine Corps website. While browsing through their lengthy guestbook, a wife of a Vietnam Vet friend of mine found my email addy. I talked to this friend the other night on the telephone. THANK YOU "THE FEW." This site has message centers, all kinds of forums, and chat which sets out to reunite those old friends you thought you lost touch of.

  • 13th UNDERGROUND MESS KIT REPAIR BN. - The title itself leaves you wondering, "huh?" Check out "How We Got the Name." Also some important info re: an upcoming reunion in August for ALL Veterans in Freehold, NY can be found at this website.

  • THE NAM DRIVERS - This page is dedicated to those often unheard of people who worked, fought and sometimes died while doing their part in VietNam. These men didn't seek glory. They didn't have the opportunity to gain fame as the grunts did. These men drove their vehicles with men and supplies to almost every region and place in VietNam. Excellent site!

  • THE SAPPER - You're quickly reminded of the pride our Australian VietVets hold when you enter "THE SAPPER." The Sappers Association Queensland was founded in Brisbane in the beginning of 1992 to foster and maintain the pride of both current serving members and ex serving members of the Royal Australian Corps of Engineers. Ken "Dasher" Wheatley was a tunnel rat while in Vietnam.

  • THE SNAKE DEN - The SNAKE DEN contains the writings and works of Loyde P. (Snake) Arender. Snake was Loyd's nickname in Vietnam. This website, put together by the BACKBONE of the USMC; an 0311 or GRUNT who we all have the highest regards for has links that show just what Vietnam was all about. The link "I TRIED" is very moving along with his other excellent links.

  • THE VIETNAM EXPERIENCE - During 1979 Robert began work on a series of books that would later become known as The Vietnam Experience. It took nine years to complete and a great deal of money. With the help of International Thomson Organization, Time-Life Books and many others, we published 25 volumes, and then the capstone volume, The American Experience In Vietnam. I have a couple of the stories in my "Vietnam Experience" section and I believe that these stories are excellent, moving and a true tribute to The Vietnam Experience. Great Site!

  • THE VIETNAM VETERAN'S MEMORIAL WALL PAGE - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page is dedicated to providing the most up to date and accurate information regarding the Names on The Wall in Washington DC. Every effort is made to display the info in the dignified manner that it deserves. If you find information that you believe is in error, you can contact the proper authorities by emailing the Webmaster for the address. The Webmaster of this page.

  • THE VIETNAM WAR HISTORY PAGE - Excellent site! This page is a link to resources from all perspectives on the Vietnam Conflicts 1945-1975. It is hoped that it will be useful to students in seeing the Conflict from various points of view. The page will attempt to link to all pertinent sites that house information on the war. State Department documents, memoirs, articles, Vietnamese literature, and other information useful to history students and scholars.

  • THE VIRTUAL WALL - It's just amazing what people have done for the Vietnam Veteran out here on the Internet and this website is but another fine example of the work veterans are still accomplishing. Each year, visitors place thousands of letters, poems, photographs and other mementos at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (theWall). You may leave a message at the Virtual Wall, or add to one, attached to the name of your friend or loved-one.

  • TIM'S MILITARY PAGES - This site started with Love to my father that has passed on. He was a Korean and Vietnam Veteran. I served three years active Army and retired in the Army National Guard. One thing lead to another. It always moves me when a son or daughter dedicates their sites to Dad! Way to go Tim. Keep up the good work brother.

  • USAF AC-119 GUNSHIPS - This excellent website is dedicated to the "little-known" air and ground crews and support staff who flew and maintained Air Force Special Operations AC-119G Shadow and AC-119K Stinger gunships during the Vietnam war. Some very good pictures here too.

  • USMC COMBAT WIFE WEBSITE - After visiting this website, I was compelled to design one of the few Awards I've given to other websites because I found myself quite moved by Debbe's words and her well-designed site. This site is in honor of her husband Brad who served in Vietnam with Company M Third Battalion, Fifth Marines 1st Marine Division.

  • USMC COMBINED ACTION PLATOON WEB SITE - This site has to be one of the best and first sites I went to years ago. "The struggle was in the rice and among the people, not passing through, but living among them, night and day ... and joining with them in steps toward a better life long overdue." Tim "CapVet" Duffie has put years into making this exemplary site one you just don't want to miss seeing. Moving stories, unit histories and graphics are but a few of the things you'll find on this excellent site.

  • VET FRIENDS - This recently founded website is for active duty, reserve, and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to locate their friends whom they served with. This excellent site is not only filled with help and assistance but it's done in a most professional manner.

  • USMC/VIETNAM HELICOPTER ASSOCIATION (POP A SMOKE) - These guys really pulled "A LOT" of us out of some really tight situations and their excellent website is a great testimonial to their work. "Today, we are once again locating all those that we flew combat missions with. Through our organization's newsletter, and now the Internet, we are establishing and maintaining contact with all former Marine helicopter pilots, crewchiefs, gunners, corpsmen, flight surgeons, chaplains, maintenance and other support personnel." See this site for sure!

  • VIETNAM HELICOPTER FLIGHT CREW NETWORK (VHFCN)( - VHFCN provides a forum for recreational communications amongst a fraternity of aircrew members who served in Vietnam during the period 1961-75. Topics cover the entire spectrum from Vietnam to reunions and everything in between...I found this excellent site so comprehensive and filled with valuable info that it's a MUST SEE!

  • VIETNAM WAR VETERANS FLAGSTAFF & MEMORIAL - This very well put together site not only has a tremendous amount of valuable information and links; it's a very moving place. It is from the eyes and heart of Chaplain Howard Flexer, a combat Marine who shares his feelings of what Vietnam did to him and his fellow veterans.

  • VERMONT VETERANS' LINKS AND MEMORIALS - This site has a real feel of patriotism to it and also many many good Vietnam Vets' sites to be found on this website.

  • VERMONT VIETNAM VETERAN'S WALL - The "100" names on this wall represents only the names of those confirmed as KIA. It does not include POW/MIA's. This site also has plenty of links back to other Vietnam Vet sites and some very moving poems.

  • VETERAN'S MEMORIAL - This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us. Submission form is located at bottom of their page. This site can be very helpful and even therapeutic as well.

  • VIETNAM MILITARY LORE - The author's webpage and clearing house for Information on the camps, compounds, firebases and airfields once named in Vietnam, In Honor Of Those Who Died THERE. This site contains some very valuable information on a masterfully written book containing 1200 hardbound pages. A link to Amazon.Com re: this book is also on this site.

  • VIETNAM REVISITED - My personal story of Vietnam and how I ended up serving a tour of duty there. What happened and why we lost the war. Including my feelings on the way we were treated on our return. Plus a tribute to mia's and pow's.

  • VIETNAM VETERANS of 2nd Bn, 1ST Reg., 1stMarDiv - Besides having some good links to other Vietnam Vet and USMC pages, this site has some excellent stories that will leave you very moved.

  • VIETNAM VETERANS OF FLORIDA LINKS - This site has close to 100 Vietnam veteran website links.

  • VIETNAM VETERAN'S LINKS - This website has close to 100 Vietnam veteran links also.

  • VIETNAM VETERANS ON THE NET WEBRING - You can promote your Vietnam homepage in this database or you can browse the 400 or so sites that are listed. There are easy directions showing you how to paste the HTML code into your homepage so that you're immediately listed in this database.

  • WAR STORIES - Don Poss has an Award winning page for his compiliation of Vietnam war stories, information on Vietnam and an unbelievably huge MIDI file database.

  • WELCOME TO MILITARY USA - Even though this page is not exclusively for Vietnam Veterans, I chose to list it here because there's a section for VietVets but also a military locator. Some things on this page cost, however, it's not my intention to lead you there as I get nothing for putting this link on my FREE homepage but it is my intention to hopefully help somebody out.

  • WELCOME TO SEMPER FI - This "active chatroom" is open to all Branches of the Military, both men and women, their wives or husbands, and invited guests. No profanity, No persons under 18 years of age, No bashing of others are the reasonable rules you must adhere to if you elect to enter this chatroom. Roll Call at 2100 hours to be called by senior ranking NCO. He earned the rank, lets show him the respect there of.

  • WHEELCHAIR REGATTA - "M O P H (Military Order of the Purple Heart) Chapter 1850 Commander Ralph E. Gibson with the aid of members from MOPH &, Vietnam Veterans and the U V A (United Veterans Alliance) coordinated the gathering and transportation of patients from Menlo Park VA, Livermore VA, Palo Alto VA and Fort Miley to the First Annual Wheelchair Regatta."

  • ZONE ELEVEN NETWORK - "ZoneoneEleven is very simple. Those who truly care; doing what needs to be done. Creating a neutral zone for our veteran community; here to assist the veteran communication trajectory. No egos, mud slinging, (or slackers) allowed. We are an online alliance moving forward, what you chose to do with or without ZoneEleven is up to you. If you plan on standing still, this is not the place for you."

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