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        Pictures of Jim Meehan         

I'm very proud to display these two pictures of Jim Meehan as his contribution to this website has been overwhelming.

Jim was with 3rd Amtrac Bn. from October 1968 to March 1969. Jim was a medevac driver and a fuel tanker driver that made runs to our trac's at 2/1. Jim was also involved in the Echo patrols which maintained battalion security 24 hours a day. During a medevac his truck hit a mine and it caused serious wounds to some 1833's, 2533, 3041 and a Corpsman. If anybody knew these Marines: Boesgh, Srygler, Zibart, Fendley, Steiner and HM3 Barton please give Jim a call.   CLICK HERE to drop Jim an email.

Click Here to see Jim with fellow Amtracer's AT THE WALL in DC.

Jim was on one of 3rd Amtrac's "Echo" patrols when this picture was taken. Jim is with some of the local kids in Nui Kim Son Ville, located just outside our front gate.

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