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Charlotte..Thanks for your e-mail...and I hope you don't get upset about my critique of the Ollie North testimony.. I want to give you some background on why I think I can say what I'm about to:

I first met Ollie when he was assigned to the Amphibious Warfare School at Quantico, in 1970.   I was Head of the Supporting Arms Branch at the Marine Corps Developement and Education such I taught Mechanized Warefare to the students at AWS.   Ollie had just returned from Vietnam and was one of the few officers wearing the Silver Star.   Part of my instruction involved a tactical problem at Guantanamo Bay which was given to 7 groups of students for solution.   When it came time to brief their solution, Ollie represented his group.   I was really impressed with his presentation and he stole the show as far as I was concerned.   Later during the school year, we met socially several times and that was when we became good friends.   He was a Naval Academy graduate and we spent alot of time talking about sailing one of the Academy yawls which we never got around to.

In 1974, we flew to Okinawa together.   He was assigned as Officer In Charge of the Marine Corps Northern Traning Area.   He had a small staff but no mess hall facilities.   For what ever reason, the Amtrac Battalion was charged with feeding him and what other units were up there for training.   A CH-46 would land near my messhall and pick up breakfast, dinner and supper (three times a day) and deliver the mess hall equipment back to us.

On occasions, I jumped aboard and went up to see if everything was going OK..Ollie would sometimes get on the helicopter and fly down to my camp.   He used my jeep for going down to Kadena and other places where he wanted to shop.   We went scuba diving on two occasions.   We almost went home on the same plane but were a day apart.

He reported in and was assigned to the job that eventually got him into a lot of hot water.   I had retired in the meantime and was working at AAI Corporation in Cockeysville, Md.   I was invloved in trying to sell a light weight tank system to Venezuela and called on Ollie for advice.   His primary job was involved with what was called "The South American Desk."   He knew just about everybody in South America and gave me contacts.   On one occasion when MacFarland was invited to review the Friday Night Parade at 8th and I (Commandant's House at Marine Barracks, Wash,) I had been invited.   Ollie arrived wearing his famous 5 o'clock shadow, was in Dress Whites and we spent some time together.   I talked to him several times while he was at work...but he was seldom available...but I did speak frequently with his secretary (Dawn something).   She was very friendly to me because she roomed with the daughter of a Naval Academy friend in Alexandria.   This girl was close to my oldest daughter.   Anyway, I got alot of information on these calls and could not understand what he was doing getting so involved with the Middle East.

When all the trouble started, he went to Gen. Kelley for advice on how to conduct himself etc...whether he should wear a uniform etc...I was privy to these conversations...but not present.

So as you can imagine, when his testimony started, I was very intentive to them.   During the middle of things, I went and had lunch with him at the Capitol.   He was very calm, cool and collected.

As concerns his testimony, as makes a good story but is simply not true.   The part about his security fence is true...but references to Ben Laden were not.

After he left the Marine Corps he started up a business of developing and marketing armoed vests...for the police and military.   He also ran for Senator in Virginia.   I saw him twice...but it was just in passing.   As it is now, he is so heavily committed that I would not attempt to reach him.

The e-mail testimony attributed to him has been going around the internet for a least 6 years.   This is the first time that I have rebutted it...and I think it is generally I have heard him deny it on television

Hope you are doing well...still want you to come to Florida..whenever you are ready.

Frank aka Stub