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      Poetry from Vietnam Vets and Loved Ones      

My Name Not Yours

In 1982 I went to see you at big black "WALL".
I've gone every year or so.
I have tried, but it was only recenly
I have learned how to cry.
You see my friend,
Ive met someone that I can share the pain
I felt when I lost you there.

As I gaze upon the "WALL"
I know the bullet you took was meant for me.
When I do sleep, I cry and I moan
of that dreadful day when you left me alone.
I know the bullet that passed through you
was meant for me, that's why it's my name
"not yours" that I see.

I hope you don't blame me or maybe you do.
That's why I wish it was my name on the "WALL" not yours.

Domenick L.


I've travelled the world and been many places,
but in my dreams are soldiers with no faces.
We travelled down river to pick up our troops,
just to find out some were killed by the gooks.
Our job was routine or so we had thought,
until we had to Tag, Bag and prepare for transport.
The men in the bags of most I did not know,
the fear that I felt I did not show.
At night no sleep because I cried and cried,
for it's me I believe who should have died.
When I visit "The Wall" I see my name in a space,
as my reflection shows, I too have No Face.


(written to me from a Loving Woman which I share my life with)

The war has been over for seventeen years,
and yet I watch you fight battles.
Battles within yourself, with ghosts I can't see but are very real to you.
Shots I can't hear yet I see you jump.
Bombs falling I can't feel, but I watch as you try to take cover.
Bodies!   How many?   Are you still counting them?
Are you trying to bring them back to life?
Will your life make them breathe?
When you close your eyes will theirs open?
When your heart stops pumping precious blood through your veins
will it begin to run in theirs again?
War is hell, thats for sure and if I had the strength
I would carry you away from the ghosts, the shots, the bombs and the River.
I wish I could take the smell, the taste and the emotions of the Jungle
away and replace your fears with laughter, replace your tears with joy, and
replace the Hell of that place that "I" battle with you over with All My Love.
I don't want Vietnam to win, with all my Heart and Soul
I Swear to God I will Fight for you to come back from there.
I only Pray Honey that we WIN !!!

From   Susan Gatteri 1/1/92
TO  Domenick

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