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I have been involved with the Agent Orange issue with our local TROA chapter for about 1 1/2 years now.   A key to all who served in Vietnam is to get an "Agent Orange" physical examination at a local VA hospital or facility (and their contracted hospital).   This is a very thorough examination, and if a retired or former Marine dies from cancer and other medical conditions, the results of this examination and the accompanying questionnaire makes it much easier for the surviving spouse to get "military related" death benefits.

I had prostate cancer, and had it removed JUST in time for a caner nodule 10 (the highest rating) was about to bust out of the prostrate into my total system, and it would have been to late then.   I received a 10% disability (or $80.00 per month) for a "non operational physical organ" (not kidding).   All should also register for a VA ID ! card.   If the individual has a service connected disability it indicates this on the card, and treatment can be received from any VA establishment.   The VA here in Hawaii and Atlanta (just took a Marine Colonel friend there who had Diabetes B, extensive loss of hearing, Parkinson disease, and probable prostate cancer for his initial VA evaluation, and the counselor was superb) have become much more "user friendly" than the past.

Just some ideas,

Semper Fi,