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               REMEMBERING WOODY               

On 12/03/02 Wayne Johnson, "Woody's" nephew emailed me about his uncle; a MARINE and AMTRACER.   These type of emails are truly sad, however, it's an honor to place Claude C. "Bo" Woodward's picture (aka "Woody") on this website.   If you can be of any help to Wayne, he can be reached by clicking the email icon below.

Mr. Stanford,

I have written you before regarding my uncle Claude C. "Bo" Woodward aka "Woody" Co. A 3rd Tracs.   As you know, we lost him to cancer back in 2000 and my aunt Peggy had been looking for links to his past.

I am sorry to say we lost Peggy to cancer back on Oct. 17, 2002.   Since Bo's death she had gathered every picture she could find of Bo and kept them so she could see them every day.

As her daughters began the grim task of going through her belongings, they discovered in one of Bo's old bibles, something that none of us knew existed, including Peggy, this picture.   It is the only picture that we have of Bo from his Marine Corps days.   I am assuming this was taken somewhere in Vietnam.   Bo "Woody" is on the right with one foot propped on the jeep.   We don't know who the other fella is; hoping you could help us with that.

I wonder if you have a place on your website for this picture.   It would be an honor for our family to have his picture included among his Marine brothers.

Thank You

Wayne Johnson